"I never took part in sex parties"

Roland Van Hauwermeiren, the Belgian former Oxfam official at the centre of controversy, has vehemently denied that he organised sex parties during foreign missions in disaster areas including during the operation after the Haiti earthquake.

In a four page open letter published by independent TV News Roland Van Hauwermeiren speaks of missions in Haiti, Chad and Liberia. The Belgian acknowledges that he is no saint, but a man of flesh and blood who made mistakes and is deeply ashamed. Earlier he told Oxfam investigators that on several occasions he had sex with a woman at his house during the Haiti operation. The woman was an honourable lady, an adult and not a prostitute or a victim of the earthquake: "I met her when I provided nappies and baby formula to her sister who had a young child. I never handed over any money."

"This relationship fed rumours that I was involved in sex parties. I should have led by example but compromised the organisation and myself."

Roland Van Hauwermeiren insists that internal and external audits never showed that Oxfam cash was used to fund sex parties. He denies being present at sex parties or visiting a brothel.

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