Maria and Marc are Flanders’ most popular names

Figures released by the Belgian Bureau of Statistics Maria is the most popular woman’s name in Flanders, while Marc is the most popular man’s name. In the Brussels-Capital Region Maria is also the most popular woman’s name, while Mohamed is the most popular men’s name capital.

Jean is in second place followed by Mohammed in third place. The second most popular women’s name in the capital is Marie with third place.

The lion’s share of Flemish Marc’s are in the 18 to 65 age category. Among men over 65 there are more Willys, Rogers and Jozefs. Meanwhile, Robbe, Thomas and Milan are more popular than Marc in the under 18 age category.

Maria is the most popular women’s name, followed by Marie and Rita. Among the under 18 age category this is Emma, followed by Marie and Laura.

Top 3 Flemish women’s names

1. Maria 103,820
2. Marie 46,127
3. Rita   30,864

Top 3 Flemish men’s names

1. Marc 45,746
2. Jan   41,010
3. Luc   40,319

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