Belgian business to be armed against cyber-attacks

The Belgian Centre for Cyber Security, the CCB, has launched a new website to help businesses thwart cyber-attacks. Today two out of three Belgian businesses are confronted with cybercrime.

PM Charles Michel established the centre in 2015 and charged it with internet security in Belgium. It started with a staff of ten that is now being expanded by 36 staff members. The centre also houses the Computer Emergency Response Team, the CERT. The body is a kind of task force that intervenes in the event of emergencies. The CERT provides assistance via the phone and email. It also trains civil servants in cyber security. In 2017 437 civil servants took part in training sessions.

When a company is hit by a cyber-attack it is often too late. This is why the CCB helps business draw up a cybersecurity plan. In 2016 two-thirds of Belgian businesses experienced cyber-attacks of which there are over a hundred a day. Fortunately security can thwart most of these attacks. CCB director Miguel De Bruycker: "Some businesses don't have sufficient insight in the dangers and lack expertise in this field. They believe it won't happen to them or that it's not worth the investment. We advise all companies to draw up a cybersecurity plan.”

In 2017 the CCB launched a campaign against phishing: unsuspecting individuals are enticed to visit a website or respond to an email and provide passwords and credit card details. The campaign was a success reaching a million people in Belgium.

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