A Belgian will be 1 million euro the richer after EuroMillions draw

Whatever number are drawn in Friday’s evening’s Euromillions lottery draw one player here in Belgium will end the day a millionaire. “Even if they haven’t even chosen a single correct number”, a Belgian National Lottery spokesperson told VRT News.

Friday evening’s EuroMillions has the second highest jackpot ever. The person of group that manages to select 5 numbers and two stars correctly stands to win 174 million euro.

Whether or not anyone wins this huge cash prize remains to be seen. However, EuroMillions also intends to handout prizes of 1 million euro to 25 players in the 12 countries where people are able to take part.

Belgium’s National Lottery, one of the 9 European national lotteries that take part in EuroMillions, says that at least one player here in Belgium 1 million the richer by the end of the day.

There is of course a chance that one or more people in Belgium might be among the 25 winners of 1 million euro paid out by EuroMillions. However, if this is not the case, the Belgian National Lottery says that it will stump up 1 million euro itself and an extra draw will be held.

The lottery spokeswoman Caroline Van Goidsenhoven told the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws that "The draw will not be based on the numbers and stars that have been filled in, but rather on the MyBonus code that appears on every ticket”.

“If your code is drawn then you’ve won, even if you haven’t selected a single correct number on your ticket for the regular draw”, Ms Van Goidsenhoven added.

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