Just a couple of days left to buy cheaper stamps

The price of postage stamps for letters sent to addresses within Belgium is set to rise on Thursday to 84 eurocent, a full 10 eurocent more than the current price. However, price rise or not, stamps bought before the price increase remain valid.

Listeners to VRT Radio 2’s consumer affairs programme “De Inspecteur” were advised to stock up on stamps before the price rise of almost 14% comes into force.

For a sheet of ten stamps for a standard sized letter or card you currently pay 7.40 euro or 74 eurocent/stamp. From Thursday this will increase to 8.40 euro or 84 eurocent/stamp. For individual stamps the price will increase 79 eurocent now to 87 eurocent from Thursday.

The price of sending a standard size letter within Europe will rise to 1.30 euro/stamp if you buy a minimum of 5 stamps and 1.36 euro if you buy an individual stamp. For letters destined for addresses outside Europe the price will increase to 1.52 euro/stamp if you buy more than 5 stamps and 1.58 euro per individual stamp.

The Belgian post office Bpost says that the price increase takes account of inflation (as is provided for by law) and in the annual fall in the number of letters and cards sent. The new price structure puts Bpost mid-table among European post offices when it comes to the price of a stamp.


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