Mr Trump's import tariffs: "Very damaging for Flanders"

Flemish Prime Minister Geert Bourgeois has spoken of the great damage that US President Trump's new import levies on steel and aluminium will cause to Flanders, but he added that the measure will also be damaging for the US.
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PM Bourgeois warned that the US measures will trigger retaliatory action.

"The US is the eighth biggest export market for steel and the seventh biggest for aluminium. The measures that have been announced are particularly bad for Flanders and Europe. They are also bad for the US: an American car often uses imported steel and will become more expensive."

Mr Bourgeois told TV viewers that not even Donald Trump is able to introduce such measures just like that: "Certain treaties apply. The EU won't allow this to happen just like that. The European commission has already announced it will soon be taking action. ".

Mr Bourgeois believes that the issue will have to be settled at the WTO. Flanders for its part will not be taking any new initiative.

Geert Bourgeois: "We are simply too small. Even Germany can't do anything on its own. That's why we have the EU."

Mr Bourgeois fears that China that can no longer sell its steel in the US will dump it in Europe damaging the EU economy.

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