Free iodine tablets available at pharmacist’s from today

From today pharmacies across the country will be offering free iodine tablets to anyone that asks for them. The news that the iodine tablets will be available free-of-charge has been confirmed by the office of the Interior Minister Jan Jambon.

Iodine pills should be taken in the event of a nuclear accident in order to prevent people from getting thyroid cancer. Those living in the direct vicinity of nuclear facilities will be required by to keep the tablets at their homes.

Elsewhere in the country this only applies to children, pregnant women, women that are breast feeding etc. However, pharmacists will also give the tablets to people that aren’t part of these groups if they ask for them.

The measures are part of the Nuclear Emergency Plan that comes into force today. The plan provides for the distribution of iodine tablets free of charge within 100 kilometres of a nuclear power station. This effectively covers the whole country.

The Interior Minister Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist) and the Federal Health Minister Maggie De Block are launching a new awareness campaign today.

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