Big surge in Internet fraud

Last year 3,205 instances of fraud involving internet banking were reported in Belgium. The figure shows a big increase in comparison with the previous year.
WANGMO/ EurekaSlide

In all fraudsters got away with 2.5 billion euros. On average 787 euros went missing in every fraudulent transaction. 2017's figure contrasts with 475 cases in 2016 and only 283 reported cases in 2015. In previous years fraudsters got away with larger amounts in each individual case. Today fraudsters are concentrating on multiple fraud attempts even if the booty is smaller.

Most of the fraud is the result of phishing: fraudsters send you an email claiming to be your bank or another official body in order to gain the trust of their victim. The email contains a link that takes the victim to a fraudulent website resembling that of their bank where they are asked to provide bank details and their code. Today fraudsters are pursuing fresh avenues including Facebook and WhatsApp. Fraudsters claim to be department stores or shopping centres and offer prizes or discounts. They also employ online ads.

Don't respond to suspect emails but send them on to and Belgium's Cybersecurity Centre!