“As always we advise against eating raw mince”

The Federal Food Safety Agency (FAVV) is advising Belgians not to eat raw mince. FAVV always advices against eating raw mince, a food stuff that is popular as a sandwich-filler, often accompanied by a spoonful of Belgian pickles or a sprinkling of salt and pepper.

However, with the news of the malpractice at the Veviba abattoir in Bastogne, FAVV says that the potential risk is even greater. Veviba processed meat that was unfit for human consumption. The sub-standard meat was mixed into mince.

Although, the risk to public health is small, FAVV still advises us to steer clear of raw mince.

"In fact we always advise against it. With the current issues bacteria levels can be even higher. This means that there is an even greater risk of infection or of inflammation to the stomach or the intestines”.

The Food Safety Agency advises to always keep mince chilled and to cook it well before eating it.

"There are also said to be issues with oxtail, but that is never eaten raw, so the risk is in fact non-existent”, the FAVV statement says.