“Too many jobseekers can't use a computer”

It's been revealed that over 15,000 Flemish job seekers are unable to use a computer. The skills shortage came to light as the Flemish employment agency drew up a digital portrait of jobseekers.

Lawmaker Miranda Van Eetvelde, who requested the data from employment minister Muyters: "The digital portrait reveals there's still a lot of work to be done among the low-skilled, older unemployed and people with language difficulties. Take being able to be reached by email. 66% of the low-skilled can be reached by email, 63% of over-55's and only 58% of people with language difficulties. These figure are below average."

Being unable to work with a computer is usually the cause of being unable to provide an email where you can be reached. The figures show that 7% of Flemish unemployed are unable to use a computer.

Miranda Van Eetvelde: "It's in their interest and in the general interest that they receive retraining as soon as possible!”

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