Intelligent cameras in the battle against fare dodgers

The Brussels public transport company MIVB is currently working on the development of an intelligent CCTV system to help tackle the issue of passengers without tickets slipping through barrier gates at metro stations behind paying customers.

The so-called “gate slippers” stand right behind paying passengers and quickly slip through the barrier gates after they have badged in with their season ticket or ticket.

MIVB is currently working on an algorithm that will turn its existing security cameras into intelligent camera designed to thwart fare dodgers.

The public transport company knows how big the issue of fare dodging in the metro is. Sensors are capable of registering how many passengers go through the gates each time a ticket or season ticket is validated.

The idea is to activate security cameras if more than one person goes through gate at once. The images will be sent to the ticket checkers’ who will be able to see a still photograph of the fare dodger on their smartphone or tablet this will enable them to go looking for him/her.

IT experts have been working on the project for around a year. The first trial of the system is planned for June.

The MIVB’s Spokeswoman Françoise Ledune told the Francophone daily ‘La Capitale’ that the system could be implemented quickly in stations across the Brussels metro network. Such as system is already in use abroad.

Ms Ledune stresses that the images will not be stored and that they will only be used to catch fare dodgers.

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