Crown Princess Elisabeth to study in Wales

HRH Princess Elisabeth is to continue her studies in the Principality of Wales this summer. The Belgian crown princess will study at the Atlantic College in the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales.

King Filip's eldest daughter and next in line to the throne of the Belgians has passed the entrance exam set by the Belgian Committee of the United World Colleges. In the summer of this year the princess will travel to the United Kingdom to continue her secondary education and do her sixth and final year in the principality. Crown princess Elisabeth hopes to obtain an international baccalaureate in 2020.

Princess Elisabeth’s stay in the Vale of Glamorgan forms part of an exchange programme to prepare her for university.

UWC Atlantic College is an international IB Diploma Programme independent residential sixth form college in the principality. Founded in 1962 it was the first United World College and among the first institutions to offer an international curriculum. There are United World Colleges in eighty counties today.

At the college the focus is on sustainability and respect for the environment. Group work is also an important part of the curriculum. Princess Elisabeth already works as a volunteer helping children with learning difficulties. She has also been involved in projects helping the elderly, the homeless and the disabled.