"I'm going to chop you into small pieces with an axe"

Journalists who first broke the news that a Belgian meat company was exporting meat well past its best-before-date have received death threats.

The director of the Kosovar wholesaler Euro-IDA reportedly told the journalists of the news website Insajderi during a telephone call: "I'm going to chop you into small pieces with an axe. I'm going to finish you off... I'm going to get hold of a Kalashnikov and murder the whole lot of you!"

Media reports confirm that the journalists have taken these threats to a judge. It was thanks to checks on the Kosovo border that the meat scandal involving Belgium's Veviba of Bastogne came to light. A raid of the company premises revealed meat that had been stored in the freezer since the early noughties. Meat unfit for human consumption had been processed and non-organic produce had been sold as organic meat.

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