Investigation launched into drive-by shootings

The Brussels Judicial Authorities are investigating two shooting incidents in the Brussels municipality of Schaarbeek. In both incidents shots were fired from a moving vehicle. As yet no link has been found between the two incidents.

The first shooting took place at around 5am in the Paleizenstraat. It is not yet clear what or who was being shot at. A couple of hours later a similar incident occurred on the Wijnheuvelenstraat. There too shots were fired from a moving vehicle.

Ine Van Wymersch of the Brussels Judicial Authorities told VRT News that in the second incident “We know who was being targeted, but it is not clear why he was being shot at"

The Judicial Authorities are investigating both shootings but say that they are currently not being linked.

“These are two separate investigations. We don’t know the motives so currently to two incidents are not being linked”.


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