Belgium is skin cancer blackspot

"Belgium has a skin cancer problem". That's the slogan of a new campaign launched by Euromelanoma, the European association of dermatologists to alert us to this disturbing issue. The number of skin cancers is set to increase by up to 9% a year!

Last year 37,000 new cases were diagnosed. Dermatologist Thomas Maselis, Belgium’s Euromelanoma president: "We see that most Belgians are aware of the problem, but are unable to adapt their behaviour. Fifteen years ago one in 25 patients asked for a skin test. Today it's one in three. Campaigns have convinced people of the need for early detection. As a result there are more melanomas but fewer people are dying.

Skin cancer is set to become the most prevalent and fastest growing form of cancer. The dermatologist urges Belgians to have all suspicious spots checked immediately.

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