85 detained at feminist demonstration

85 people were detained by police on Saturday night during an unauthorised “Reclaim the night” demonstration feminists in the centre of Brussels. The "Reclaim the night" demonstration was unauthorised and when the demonstration started what was to have been a march through the centre of Brussels the police stepped in. The protesters were surrounded and detained.

This was the 5th time that reclaim the night had organised a demonstration in Brussels. Last year’s demonstration by the group ended with clashes with the police. With this in mind the city authorities didn’t grant permission for this year’s march.

The demonstrators gathered on the Brandhoutkaai in the centre of Brussels. They were surrounded and detained in the nearby Sint-Kathelijnestraat, Brussels police spokesman told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz.

"We called on them to end their action and when they failed to do so we detained the group that was made up of 85 people”.

“They we released as soon as we could ensure that public order had been restored. By 1am everyone had been released”.


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