"I watch what I drink so I don't need the loo"

It's estimated that half the Flemish are plagued by anxiety and fear during their lifetime. These Flemings are suffering from one or several phobias.

Among 11% to 12% of the population their fears are so great that it disturbs their life. Emma is a case in point. If like her you avoid a particular object or situation then phobic fear is the diagnosis. Emma suffers from claustrophobia. She's afraid of small spaces and going to the loo with the door closed or taking a lift is a dreadful experience. When she was doing an internship she didn't go to the loo, because this was a toilet without any windows. She always takes the stairs because she doesn't dare take the lift. A visit to psychologist Barbara Depreeuw allowed her to discover what exactly she was afraid of and for the first time in three years she is able to take a lift.

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