King Filip paints a portrait of his beloved uncle Boudewijn

King Filip of the Belgians is celebrating his 58th birthday today. For the occasion, the Belgian Monarchy posted a new photo of Filip on Facebook. It shows Filip engaged in one of his favourite hobbies: painting. Those looking carefully, will notice that the Belgian king is painting the former King Boudewijn, who passed away almost 25 years ago.

King Filip, who ascended the Belgian throne in 2013, is turning 58 today. Last year, his daughter Eléonore played the violin for his birthday - a video which was also posted on social media. This year, a photo was released showing the painter in him at work. 

The painting - a portrait of his uncle Boudewijn - will be put on display in the Royal Palace this summer. The Palace opens its doors to the public between 21 July and 2 September. Chances are small that you will see the king and queen, but you can also admire art works from Jan Fabre, Marthe Wéry, Michaël Borremans and Dirk Braekman. The visit also boasts the science park for children.  

At the end of July, it will be 25 years ago that Boudewijn passed away in Motril (Spain) after suffering a heart failure. 

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