Delphine Boël seeks DNA from King Albert in court

Lawyers representing Delphine Boël are going to court on Thursday to seek permission to require a DNA test from King Albert II and Jacques Boël. Delphine Boël, an artist based in London, claims that King Albert is her natural father.


Last year a court in Brussels ruled that Jacques Boël was legally Delphine Boël's father, though DNA evidence shows that he was not her biological father. As a result of last year's verdict there was no reason to investigate whether King Albert was Delphine Boël's natural father. Lawyers representing the artist are appealing against last year's ruling, but as this procedure can take many moons they are also requesting that DNA evidence is collected from King Albert and Jacques Boël now. They point to the age of both King Albert and Boël senior.

Even if DNA evidence is collected now the appeal will still be considered by a court.

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