Three bus inspectors attacked in Anderlecht

Brussels local transport inspectors and security staff walked out today following last night's incident in the Brussels suburb of Anderlecht in which three inspectors were injured. Services remain unaffected.


It was 9PM yesterday when a dozen youths set upon three inspectors at a stop in Anderlecht. During checks a number of fare-dodgers were taken off a bus and led away for ID checks. A group of youngsters from the neighbourhood intervened and attacked the inspectors. One inspector received a blow to his temple and another needed to go to hospital for stiches. The Brussels local transport company is filing a complaint with the judicial authorities.

Transport unions want security staff to be given more means to resist aggression. A first meeting with management resulted in little headway. Trade unionist Martine Vanophem: "They feel such risks are part of the job. The management doesn't understand us."

Services remain unaffected.

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