From early summer to chilly autumn weather next weekend

We enjoyed a lovely spell last week, but the weather will be taking a turn for the worse in the long 1 May weekend. As a small depression will take over, we will have lots of rain, wind and also low temperatures, especially on Sunday and Monday, which will bring us the look and feel of autumn.

The weather is not at its best today: windy and chilly with showers, but it's just a prelude of what is to come. Many people are having a long weekend in a couple of days, enjoying four days off until Tuesday 1 May, but if you go for this trip, remember to take a good rain coat, a warm pullover and an umbrella. 

Saturday, a depression will take over, bringing more unstable weather. Sunday should be really gloomy and wet, with temperatures dropping to 13 Celsius (coming from 17 on Friday) but Monday should be the worst day, forecasters thinks. The recipe for Monday includes heavy gusts of wind, a lot of rain and a maximum temperature of 8 Celsius. Tuesday should be slightly better, with sunny spells. 

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