Iranian VUB Professor is in a bad way: "He looks like a dying man"

The Iranian Professor Ahmadreza Djalali looks emaciated, as if he is about to die. This was said by his colleague Gerlant van Berlaer, who received new photos of Djalali. The Swedish-Iranian guest lecturer at the Flemish Free University of Brussels (VUB) is being held in prison by the Iranian authorities, who sentenced him to death on charges of passing of espionage.

Djalali was put in an Iranian jail two years ago, to the day. He was sentenced to death, but has not been executed so far. Various countries, including Belgium and Sweden, are piling pressure on Iran to let Djalali go. 

It is believed that Iran is postponing the execution, but at the same time leaving Djalali deliberately to his own devices. The man is believed to be seriously ill and should get proper treatment, but can't get the health care he needs. "I couldn't recognise him. He looks as if he is about to die", says Van Berlaer. 

"This is a deliberate strategy by Iran. They know very well he is innocent. They don't dare to execute him, in order not to blow up the bridges with Europe, but letting him go would be a slap in the face of their secret services. His situation is in a complete deadlock, and they deliberately let him deteriorate in his cell."  

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