Credit: Science Source

Belgian drugs are "horrifyingly pure"

Researchers at Antwerp University are sounding the alarm with regard to the purity of drugs in Belgium. Each day researchers at the uni assess the quality of drugs in circulation in Belgium. They say that drugs seized here are particularly pure and contain high levels of active ingredients.

The tox lab at Antwerp University analyses drugs seized in the province. Researchers notice few differences in quality. Prof Kristof Mauden: "The strength of the drugs that we receive here is horrifyingly high. We are also noticing that pills purchased on the internet contain increasingly high doses of active substances (e.g. MDMA), but also other powders. The purer the product, the less you need to produce a toxic or lethal effect."

Drugs like cocaine arrive in the port of Antwerp in a highly pure form. NPS or designer drugs are always very dangerous.

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