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Customer satisfaction at De Lijn reaches rock bottom

Travellers of the Flemish public transport company De Lijn were never as dissatisfied about the services as last year. This was revealed in a poll organised by De Lijn itself. The biggest stumbling block are the poor punctuality figures.

"Last year, 64 percent of our passengers was happy about the services", says De Lijn Director-General Roger Kesteloot. "This was still at 71 percent the year before that." Last year's statistics mean that customer satisfaction has reached a historic low.

Kesteloot says it's mostly the punctuality of the trams and buses which is to blame. "This punctuality, or rather the lack of it, is a major factor. And we are suffering more delays due to the traffic jams across the country."

Over half of the buses and trams were delayed last year. "We are investing in infrastructure to reduce congestion, but this hardly has an effect", points out Kesteloot. "In many cases, only the creation of a separate bus lane helps. We also try to look at coordinating traffic lights, but there is still room for improvement there." Kesteloot is requesting the help of not only the Flemish government, but also of the local municipalities.

TreinTramBus, the pressure group representing commuters and travellers, can follow De Lijn's arguments, but says it should exert more pressure.

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