Many traffic fines remain uncollected

The police are struggling to collect traffic fines. A new automatic computer system is not working adequately. As a result the Belgian treasury is missing out on countless fines.

Traffic fine collection was fully automised last March. Police officers draw up a report and then the computer should send the offender his or her fine and register whether or not it has been paid. Het Laatste Nieuws reports that many fine demands were not dispatched due to poorly completed police reports. A quality filter and not a technical issue is the cause of all the misery.

Members of the public must receive a fine demand stating their name and the law that has been violated. If these are not listed, the demand isn't dispatched. Officers who fail to complete their report as the computer requires are informed. Edward Landtsheere of the Justice department: "Police officers are currently the target of an awareness campaign. There were a number of mistakes when the system went online, but now after only a few weeks we see that the number of errors is falling”.

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