Are you 'making the bridge'?

Tuesday 1 May is Labour Day and a public holiday in Belgium. As a result many people will be taking Monday off and will be enjoying a long four-day weekend. In Belgium this is called 'making the bridge'!

So entire services will even be closed on Monday as a result. So who is working and who isn't?

Belgian post offices will be closed, but this doesn't mean all postal workers have the day off because postal deliveries will proceed like on any other working day! High street banks too will be open, but not on Tuesday, which is a public holiday.

Taking the tram or the bus in Flanders? In Antwerp, Limburg and East Flanders bus services operate according to a holiday schedule. This means there will be fewer services. In West Flanders and Flemish Brabant services remain unaffected.

The majority of rail services remain unaffected too, but some rush hour services will have been axed. The rail company urges the travelling public to check online first if they plan to take a commuter train.

On Tuesday Belgium will mark Labour Day. The public holiday means most shops and offices will be closed except in tourist areas. People who do work the public holiday usually get double pay, though not in tourist areas where this is not obligatory.

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