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Cybercriminals hack politician’s sexting pics

Cybercriminals attempted to blackmail the deputy leader of the youth section of the Flemish liberal party in Antwerp after they managed to get hold of naked images of the young politician.

Criminals attempted to blackmail 23-year-old Aimé Schrauwen after they hacked his Skype history. The criminals, posing as a woman who had a beauty salon, sent the young man a link via Facebook. By clicking on the link Mr Schrauwen, who is reading law at uni, gave them access to the history of his Skype conversations that included the sending of several titillating, naked images of the budding politician sent to girlfriends up to six years ago. The images had never been made public.

The criminals demanded 5,000 euros. Otherwise they threatened to post the images on the internet. Mr Schrauwen decided not to pay up. Initially he panicked, procrastinated, but because he felt the whole situation was giving him too much stress he decided not to pay. He also came to the conclusion that the blackmail attempt was being undertaken by an organised gang with its own business model and decided to tell his friends and family. He also filed a complaint with the judicial authorities. He warns: “This kind of blackmail attempt can happen to anybody”.

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