Trump’s favourite news channel visits “Jihad capital”

The right-leaning American news channel Fox News has broadcast a report on the Brussels municipality of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. The report made by the British reporter Katie Hopkins concludes that Molenbeek “is still the jihad capital of Europe”. In her report Hopkins who last year was forced to pay around 150,000 euro in court costs and damages after losing a libel case brought by the British food blogger Jack Monroe quotes a series of figures that she says back up her claims.

One of these is that 85% of the 95,000 people that live in the municipality in the West of Brussels are Muslims, all of whom are of Moroccan descent, a claim that is contradicted by official figures from the population register and by numerous academic studies.

Ms Hopkins who last year was sacked from the British commercial news talk station LBC following comments she had made about the Manchester Arena bombing says that politicians “have shut their eyes” to the situation in Molenbeek “in order to get votes”.

Katie Hopkins’ report was initially made for the the far-right Canadian news medium The Rebel Media and has since been broadcast on Fox News.

“Mayor of Molenbeek ducked her responsibility”

During her visit to Molenbeek, a place she claimed no other reporters dared to go to “as there are so many Moslims and everyone wears burqas”, Katie Hopkins interviewed the Mayor of Molenbeek François Schepmans (Francophone Liberal) in English (see video above).

The British reporter interviewed the Mayor, who is not known for her linguistic prowess in languages other than her native French, in English.

Katie Hopkins brought up the issue of a list of people within Molenbeek that were suspected to have links to jihadist. The list was given to the Mayor a month before the Paris attacks. Ms Schepmans replied by saying that she does not have the power to order arrest. “I am not a sheriff”, Ms Schepmans said.

However, the Mayor’s explanation fell on deaf ears and the reality TV star turned reporter concluded that Ms Schepmans had ducked her responsibility. Katie Hoppkins then proceeded to cry on camera.

Katie Hopkins' report can be seen by clicking on the YouTube film below.

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