"For the final time, I have nothing to do with the Brabant Killers”

A former figure in the extreme-right organisation Westland New Post has denied that he was a member of the Brabant Killers gang that carried out a number of bloody armed robberies in the 1980’s. Speaking in an interview with VRT News Michel Libert rejects claims made by an anonymous witness stating that he was the so-called “Giant”.

This is the final time I will say it on camera: I have nothing to do with the Brabant Killers. His testimony consists of 40% lies”, Mr Libert said.

As we reported at the weekend detectives investigating the Brabant Killers case are currently following up a statement given to them by a former soldier that was a member of Westland New Post for a time at the beginning of the 1980’s.

Michel Libert firmly denies the allegations "It is very sad and it hurts me profoundly that I have once again been accused of having links to the Brabant Killers. I am pretty certain of the identity of the anonymous witness because he has given too many details. For the final time on camera, I have nothing to do with the Brabant Killers.”
Mr Libert says that he plans to put in a claim for damages because he has been accused of being “The Giant”.

"The witness doesn’t say that I could be The Giant. He says that I am The Giant”.

Michel Libert doesn’t deny that he was a member of the extreme-right organisation Westland New Post. He also admits that candidates for membership of the organisation entered the weapons stores at barracks in Ostend and Lombardsijde (both West Flanders).

"I never gave the order to break into the barracks, but I did grant permission to do so. It was a way for Westland New Post to find out of recruits were able to carry out such missions."

Mr Libert adds that Westland New Post had close ties with Gladio. Gladio is the secret stay behind network that was set up at the end of WWII. In the event of communists taking power Gladio was to have organized resistance efforts.

"Within this framework Westland New Post look at whether we would be able put the Belgian Army or the Gendarmerie out of action in the event of a communist takeover. We never had any firm plans to do it though. What you should know is that there were gendarmes and soldiers in our organisation”.

Michel Libert confirms that Westland New Post organised manoeuvres in the Sonien Forest. The Forest also appears in the case of the Brabant Killers.

"The Sonien Forest is very big. It is a big wood close to Brussels where people can do their thing. It is not because the Brabant Killers are said to have been there too that I have anything to do with them”.
Michel Libert also says that he has never met anyone that he knew was involved in the Brabant Killers attacks.

"I don’t rule out the possibility that members of Westland New Post were involved with the Brabant Killers, but I have no knowledge of this”.

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