Three-quarters of Brussels Airlines flights cancelled

Management and the trades unions at Brussels Airlines have been round the table since 10am in an effort to resolve the dispute between the airline and its pilots. For the second time this week pilots are staging a 1-day strike. As was the case on Monday around three quarters of Brussels Airlines flights have been cancelled.

Monday’s day-long talks failed to find a solution to the dispute. A second attempt is being made today.

Brussels Airlines’ spokesperson Kim Daenen told journalists that “It is important that an agreement is reached. We put proposals on the table on Monday that we believe came closer to meeting the pilots demands and in which a lot of attention is paid to work-life balance”.

The spokesperson adds tha t the proposals are not being offered on a take it or leave it basis.
"We will continue talks based on the proposals. We need to think about all of Brussels Airline’s 3,900 staff”.

On Monday the unions let it be known that what was put on the table on Monday was insufficient. It is hoped that today’s talks will find a way of ending the dispute.

An arbitrator will join the talks at around 5pm to see how much progress has been made. However, this is not a deadline. Around 220 flights have been cancelled today as a result of the strike.

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