Brussels to get a Mexican flower carpet in August

The flower carpet in central Brussels (16-19 August) will have a Mexican touch this year. The Beurs square will also have a floral exhibition this year, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the listing of the Grand Place as UNESCO World Heritage, under the name "Monuments of UNESCO flowers".

The Brussels 'Grand Place' first had a flower carpet in 1971. And the long-time tradition continues. You can admire a new flower carpet from Thursday 16 August (from the afternoon) until Sunday 19 August this year. Dozens of volunteers will contribute to complete the feat, putting some 500,000 flowers in the right place to create a carpet covering 1,800 square metres. 

The flower carpet will have a Latin American touch for the first time. "The carpet will be linked to Guanajuato, a city in Mexico. Guanajuato boasts a  nice and very rich flower tradition, just like Brussels", Karel Goethals of Bloementapijt told our colleagues of Radio 2. The design includes a colourful bird, two suns and two pre-Hispanian warriors.

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