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Free vegan and solar-powered ice cream in Brussels

17/05/18 - The European Union is negotiating renewable energy targets today. Greenpeace seized the occasion to stage a couple of awareness actions in the Brussels Luxemburg area. In one of them, free ice creams were presented to passers-by: the ice cream was not only vegan but also solar-powered, Greenpeace said. The EU only has to decide on a final target for 2030 by 29 May. At present, this target is 27 percent, but Greenpeace would like to see this lifted to 35. While Sweden is the best pupil in the European class with some 50%, Belgium is almost bottom-of-the-table with 7.9% in 2015. Belgium could be overtaken by the Netherlands by 2020, which would mean that only Malta and Luxemburg would be doing worse.

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