Belgian Ambassador in Tel Aviv called to book

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has summoned the Belgian, Spanish and Slovene ambassadors to give an explanation as to why their countries’ representatives at the United Nation Human Rights Council voted for an investigatory commission to be sent to investigate the recent violence along Israel‘s border fence with Gaza.    

The resolution was passed by 29 votes to 2 with only the United States and Australia voting against sending an “independent international investigative commission”. 14 other countries abstained.

The commission’s task is to investigate whether there have been any human rights breaches during “military attacks that have taken place since the large civilian demonstrations started on 30 March 2018”.

The Spanish and Slovene ambassadors were already given a carpeting on Monday and today it is the turn of Belgium’s man in Tel Aviv Olivier Belle. The Belgian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that Mr Belle has been summoned to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The UN Human Rights Council met on Monday to discuss the situation along the border fence between Israel and Gaza.  Last week around 60 people were killed and hundreds as the Israeli army fired live bullets to disperse a crowd that was protesting near to the fence. Israel claims that the protesters wanted to storm the fence. One Israeli soldier was injured.   

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