Belgians' faith in the EU has grown

According to the EU’s latest Eurobarometer two thirds of Belgians feel that it is a good thing that we are in the European Union. This is up 5% on last year’s survey. The survey shows that 60% of people in EU countries believe in the European Union. Belgians traditionally are more Europhile than the average European.
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This year’s survey was no exception with 67% of those question saying that it is a good thing that our country is a member of the European Union.

Just 12% of those Belgians questions said that they oppose our membership of the EU. This is up 2% on last year.

A large majority (59%) of Belgian feel that our voice is heard in Europe. However, 52% said that the EU is heading in the wrong direction.

Leading candidates

The Eurobarometer survey also asked whether those surveyed were in favour of a system of “leading candidates” for the post of President of the European Commission .

The candidate from the group with the greatest number of seats in the European Parliament would become Commission President. 79% of Belgians say that they are in favour.

The current President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker was chosen in this way.


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