French release Abdeslam's driver

The French authorities have released Hamza Attou ahead of his trial. Attou is the man who collected Salah Abdeslam (pictured), the sole surviving terrorist suspect of the Paris attacks, following the outrage. He has been released on licence.

During the night of 13 November Salah Abdeslam telephoned two of his friends asking them to collect him in Paris, where the terrorist attacks had just taken place. Hamza Attou and Mohammed Amri collected Abdeslam and brought him back to Brussels, but were filmed at a French filling station. The two men were arrested the following day and France requested their surrender. Belgian judicial authorities have been informed of Attou's release. He is suspected of abetting criminals and risks six years in jail. He will be able to serve any sentence in Belgium. There is no news of his accomplice Mohammed Amri.

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