What disruption can we expect on Wednesday?

Belgium's three main trades unions are demonstrating against the government's pension reforms in Brussels on Wednesday. It is unclear how much disruption will be caused.

The Brussels local transport company says that its network may be heavily disrupted. It urges passengers to seek alternatives. The company adds that it will be able to provide more information on Wednesday morning.

Rail company NMBS isn't expecting any disruption to its services. Belgian rail is running extra services to bring demonstrators into Brussels.

Flemish local transport company De Lijn is expecting disruption on Wednesday, but also Thursday through Saturday when the socialist and liberal unions strike against reform plans at De Lijn. The greatest disruption on Wednesday is anticipated in the cities. A new priority system will be tested that will deploy drivers willing to work on certain important routes.

The education unions have announced strike action too in order to allow their members to take part in the demo. Most municipal serviced should be manned though some staff will be away at the demo. Strike action has been announced in private industry too to allow workers to attend the demo.

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