Crowdfunding pays for Great War dig

Excavations at Hill 80, a front line position during the Great War, have yielded far more than was ever expected. Archaeologists set to work last April and have already discovered the remains of 67 soldiers as well as 1,500 other interesting finds.

The archaeologists are eager to unearth Great War trenches, but have also discovered several cellars. During the war Hill 80 served as an HQ for German forces, though French and British forces too held this position during parts of the war. It remained untouched since the war. The archaeologists have high hopes to recover many more interesting objects during the remaining dig. They believe up to 4 cellars may be discovered under a mill. The diggers were able to confirm that one of the cellars was turned into a bunker reinforced by a double row of concrete blocks on the exterior. Numerous shells were discovered here too.

Archaeologists are involved in a race against the clock. A new residential estate is being built on Hill 80 after the summer. The archaeologists need to be out by the time the builders summer holiday starts.

The project was largely funded by crowdfunding. In all likelihood this historic site will disappear as a result of the building work. Still some archaeologists have hope that at least part of this important scientific site can be saved for posterity.

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