Nicolas Maeterlinck

Big clean-up under way after yesterday’s storm

The big clean-up is under way after Thursday evening’s cloud burst flooded roads homes and businesses. On Friday morning there were still no direct trains between Leuven and Zaventem Airport (both Flemish Brabant). The Fire Service has been inundated with calls to deal with flooding and clear mud slips.

The heavy rain caused disruption and flooding in various parts of our region. The areas around Aalter in East Flanders and Tongeren in Limburg Province were especially badly hit. Streets and the cellars of homes and businesses were flooded. The area of Flemish Brabant directly to the north and east of Brussels was badly affected. Some houses were flooded in Grimbergen, Zaventem and Kortenberg. In the Kempen area of Antwerp Province lightning struck a greenhouse and some houses.    

Still no trains between Leuven and the airport

There are still no trains between Nossegem and the airport on the Leuven to Brussels National Airport Zaventem line. Three of the four tracks have been covered by a mud slide.  

Frédéric Petit of the company that manages Belgium’s rail infrastructure Infrabel told VRT News that.

"Infrabel has worked through the night to clear the track, but it could still take several hours before everything has been cleared. Passengers should either travel via Brussels or change at the stop in Zaventem village”.

The trains from Antwerp and Brussels to the airport are running normally.  

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