Temporary shut down for catering firm after 90 children become ill

The number of children in east and West Flanders that have become ill after having eaten food that was infected with salmonella is much greater than was initially believed. More than 90 children from 20 different schools have become infected. The salmonella came from lasagne that was all produced by the same catering company.
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The Federal Food Standards Agency (FAVV) has ordered the temporary closure of the catering company.

As we reported yesterday initially a dozen children from various schools were hospitalised with food poisoning. All those that had become ill attend schools where the school meals are supplied by the same caterer. Salmonella was the suspected culprit. This has since been confirmed.

In the meantime the number of children that have become ill has risen to more than. They all attend schools in East and West Flanders.

The Federal Food Standards Agency has closed down the catering company that made the lasagne temporarily as a precautionary measure. New samples will be taken from the company and analysed at the FAVV lab.

"The FAVV is doing all it can to find the exact cause of the food poisoning. We will give information as this develop”, the agency said in a statement.

An initial inspection on Thursday found no link between the sick children and the caterer.

The FAVV’s helpline is available for any questions you might have about food safety issues. It can be contacted free of charge on 0800/13550.

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