Belgian sperm whale tries Germans' sense of humour

A Belgian theatre project is leading to confusion on a German beach after the Belgians created a fake, but hyper realistic sperm whale and beached it on the German coast! Even some of the local Bobbies were taken in by the fake.

The artwork is 17 metres long and entirely lifelike including the smell! The fake sperm whale came on shore at Zingst last Friday. Zingst isn't the first beach to welcome the Belgian art project. Dirk Claesen's sperm whale earlier appeared on an Antwerp beach and the banks of the River Seine in Paris.

Bart Van Peel is the artistic leader of the Captain Boomer project that is responsible for the installation: "People feel had. It's quite possible we're trying people's sense of humour in Germany!"

Captain Boomer insists the sperm whale forms part of a social experiment. The sperm whale is the focus of street theatre that includes fake scientists in white lab coats. The whale is staying in Germany for ten days only.

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