Limburg rocked by earthquake

Limburg Province has been hit by a 3.1 Magnitude earthquake. No fatalities or injuries have so far been reported.

According to data from the Royal Belgian Observatory the epicentre was located at Molenbeersel in Kinrooi close to the border with the Netherlands. It was 00:45 when our most easterly province was rudely awakened. Many took to social media to announce that they had felt the violent quake.

VRT weatherman Frank Deboosere was keen to calm fears as earthquakes are a regular occurrence: "Saturday morning's quake was not very deep, around 8 kilometres from the earth's surface and that explains why many people felt it! Earthquakes at that depth are not hard to miss and are a bit like a tube train passing underneath."

Mr Deboosere is eager to play down the danger: "As far as earthquakes are concerned this is a pretty safe country."

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