IS claims responsibility for Liège attack

The Islamist terrorist outfit IS has claimed responsibility for the terrorist outrage in the eastern city of Liège on Tuesday. A Belgian jail inmate out on penitential leave killed two women police officers and a passer-by. Belgian investigators are treating the case as suspected terrorist murder.

The woman's body was discovered at her home on Tuesday. The emergency services attended the scene in great numbers. An examining magistrate has been appointed to investigate her suspicious death.

During the afternoon it emerged that a suspect was refusing to surrender himself to police and fired shots from the roof of a Bredene block of flats. Around 5PM the suspect surrendered to police. A second suspect was later detained in the interior. Prosecutors have not yet stated which role they believe the two suspects played in the killing.

IS made the claim via its press agency, the Amaq. IS describes the killer, Benjamin Herman, as a “soldier of the caliphate”. Amaq suggests that Herman was responding to a call to attack the international coalition against IS in Syria and Iraq. Belgium is an active partner in this coalition. Investigators here have been unable to establish whether Herman really had any links with the terrorist outfit. They stress that there are several indications to believe that the attack was a terrorist act. The way that the attack was carried out resembles methods on display in IS videos posted on the internet.

The killer also shouted 'God is great' in Arabic during the attack and according to prosecutors was in contact with radicalised prisoners in jail.

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