Working Belgians 6 years older than their birth certificate says!

A survey conducted by the life insurer NN shows that working Belgians seem older than the age on their birth certificate. The average working Belgian has a lifestyle that makes him or her six years older than his or her actual age. A lack of sleep and movement are the two biggest factors blamed.

Belgians were quizzed about their health, their views on health-enhancing initiatives and the role played by their employer. On average Belgians' biological age was six years older than their birth certificate age. The biological age takes account of birth certificate age plus a lifestyle score. The lifestyle score takes account of variables including how active your lifestyle is, how healthy your food intake is, your mental health and social demographic data.

60% of Belgians appeared to be at least 2 years older than their official age. Only 20% were younger.

Factors that played a role include smoking (23% of working Belgians smoke), overweight (48%), lack of movement (31%), too little fruit and veg (23%), sleep deprivation (60%), too much stress (28%).

The study confirmed that people with lots of diplomas have a healthier lifestyle. CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs and independent professionals outperform the rest of us!

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