Storm causes big problems in the East

Another front bring with it heavy rain and storms has entered entered the country from Germany. The city of Liège was already drenched by a torrential cloudburst on Thursday evening and this morning it was the turn of the rest of Liège Province, Limburg and parts of Flemish Brabant to take a soaking.

The Governor of Liège Province has activated the Provincial Disaster Plan. The Royal Metrological Institute (KMI) has issued a code orange weather warning valid for the whole day in Liège and Limburg provinces. The 1722 hotline for non-urgent calls to the fire service will remain open until at least Saturday morning.   

The code orange weather warning has been in force since 5am and will remain so until 1am tonight. KMI forecasts gust of high wind, hail and a lot of rain in a short space of time. Over the past few days there have been numerous localised storms caused by the hot weather.   

The VRT’s weather man Franck Deboosere told VRT News that "Liège Province has borne the brunt of it this morning and Limburg Province has also had its share. Flemish Brabant is sitting on the edge of the storm zone”.  

"It is still dry in the West, but there is a lot of mist and fog”.  

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