Umicore chooses Poland for new battery factory

The global materials technology and recycling group Umicore has announced that a new factory that will produce materials for re-chargeable batteries will be built in Poland. This is a blow for Antwerp that had hoped that Unicore would decide to build its new factory there. The new factory will create around 400 jobs.    

However, it isn’t all bad news as Umicore does intend to open a new competence centre at its existing site in Olen (Antwerp province). The investment will create around 20 research posts.

Umicore’s CEO Marc Grynberg said that "Both decisions are important milestones for Umicore". In February the daily ‘De Tijd’ reported that the Port of Antwerp and the Antwerp city authorities wanted the factory to be built there, something that Umicore didn’t rule out at the time. The former Opel car factory was put forward as a possible site.

However, Umicore has decided that the factory should be built in the Polish town of Nysa.

"All options have been considered. We had laid down a number of criteria and our decision was made on the basis of this”, Umicore’s spokeswoman Marjolein Scheers told journalists. She stressed the presence of skilled staff and the possibility to run the factory on green energy as having been important factors in the company’s decision.  


Nysa is in the south of Poland, near to the Czech border. It is relatively close to many of Umicore’s customers. The factory is expected to be up and running by the end of 2020.



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