Posthumous honour for murdered policewomen

The two policewomen that were murdered during Tuesday’s attack in Liège are to be given a posthumous honour during their funerals that will take place next Tuesday. The news that Lucile Garcia and Soraya Belkacemi are to be honoured was announced by the Liège Local Police Service on Friday evening.      

The two murdered police officers will be given an official funeral. A representative of the King, members of the government, local dignitaries and representatives of police services from the whole of Belgium will attend.  

In a press statement released on Friday evening, the Liège Local Police Service wrote that "Our colleagues will be posthumously awarded the Civil Cross First Class for their bravery and dedication to humanity”.

"This is the highest civilian honour that is posthumously awarded in Belgium”.

The hearses carrying the two women’s remains will travel side by side to the Robermont cemetary where the funeral will be held on Tuesday morning, a wekk after the two policewomen were murdered.  

Cyril Vangriecken, the 22-year-old student that was also murdered by Benjamin Herman, will be burried on Monday in Vottem, near Liège.

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