3,000 take part in remembrance march for the victims of the Liège shooting

Almost 3,000 people have taken part in a remembrance march for the victims of Tuesday’s shootings in Liège. Dressed in white, the participants walked from the Place Saint-Lambert in the heart of Liège to the scene of Tuesday’s killings. As well as showing their solidarity with the victims’ families they also wished to express their concern at the increase in violence.   

On Tuesday Benjamin Herman murdered two policewomen with their own guns before killing the student Cyriel Vangriecken. Benjamin Herman was on leave from prison when he killed his victims.

One participant told VRT News "I was a police officer and I never wore a bullet-proof vest. Now police officer have to wear a bullet-proof vest every day. This is a sign that something is going wrong in our society”.

Many of those at the march were friends of Cyriel Vangriecken. "He was always close to his friends”, Anaïs told VRT News. "He was always there for everyone, always smiling. He never talked about violence. We could always rely on him whatever happened”.  

Our colleague Fatma Taspinar who is covering the march for VRT News reports that many people in Liège have questions about how it could have happened and they expect answers from politicians.

One of the most important questions detectives are seeking to find an answer to is whether or not Benjamin Herman acted alone. They are still awaiting an autopsy report to find out whether or not he was under the influence of drugs.

A place where the killings took place the participant in march released the white balloon they had brought with them as a symbol of hope.

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