Two Tintin etchings auctioned for 364,000 euro in Dallas

Two etchings from the Tintin album “The Red Sea Sharks” have been sold for around 364,000 euro at an auction house in the American city of Dallas. It is quite exceptional that original etchings by Hergé are sold at auction, hence the substantial price paid.  

The etchings are being sold by an anonymous vendor from Brussels.

Although the auction took place in Texas it could be followed at various locations throughout the world, include Heritage Auctions’ Dutch headquarters in Utrecht.  

The etchings date from 1957. Before the auction their value had been estimated at between 617,000 and 705,000 euro.

Original etchings by Hergé are rarely sold. According to the auctioneer he gave most of them away to his good friends.  

The two etchings sold this weekend were given to a “Scandinavian friend” of Hergé in the 1970’s. The friend sold then them “in a German-speaking” country the Brussels comic strip expert Eric Verhoest told VRT News.    


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