School shooting joke lands youngster in trouble

A schoolboy from the East Flemish town of Dendermonde was detained by the local police in his home town after they had received a time from the American Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI.

However, according to VRT News’ sources a joke that got out of hand has landed the youngster in big trouble. The teenager had to order a number of electronic spare parts for a school project. During the process his order was dealt with by an American help desk.

He sent them a message containing the words “school shooting”. The FBI intercepted the message and informed the Belgian police. The teenager was detained and Monday and questioned by a juvenile magistrate.

The FBI was able to identify where the message had been sent from (a school computer in Dendermonde) base on the IP address.

The Judicial Authorities’ spokeswoman Sarah De Meyer told VRT News that “The person was questioned by a juvenile magistrate yesterday. Thanks to the close collaboration between the various security services we were able to solve this case quickly.”

The youngster has been released on conditional bail.

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