5 years for Dilbeek jihadi

A man from the Flemish Brabant municipality of Dilbeek has been sentenced to five years in prison for having fought with the Islamist terror group IS in Iraq and Syria. The Judge also imposed an 8,000 euro fine and ordered the man’s immediate detention.  

In December 2015 the police received information about a man from Dilbeek that was reported to have left to fight for IS on the Syrian front. The police questioned his family. However, they claimed that he had returned to Algeria where he was originally from and had abandoned his wife and children. However, an investigation discovered that he had not travelled to Algeria and that in all likelihood he had entered Syria secretly via Turkey.   

Moreover, the man had displayed evidence of having become radicalised before he left for Syria. He had reprimanded women at his work for not wearing a burqa and refused to shake their hand.

Conclusive eveidence was found during a search of his home. A memory stick containing photographs was found in his oldest son's bedroom.  One of the photographs showed the man dressed in IS clothing, holding an AK47.  The Federal Judicial Autorities say that the photograph was taken in in the Iraqi town of Fallujah.   


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